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Random Rescue
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Adopt a Dog

Random Rescue offers a unique adoption service. Dogs that are available through our rescue have been through a detailed temperament evaluation to ensure that they will make suitable and safe pets. Once available rescue dogs either live happily in our home, in the Lodge, or are put into foster care. All rescue dogs are well exercised, trained daily for basic obedience and manners, and are working on their crate training and house training. We want our rescue dogs to easily integrate into their new home and that is what we strive for.

Available dogs are listed on petfinder and can be seen at In the write up for each dog, they are given a color.

  • Yellow Dogs are family dogs. They can be owned by first time dog owners and families with children. These dogs have minimal behavioral issues and are sweet gentle companions.
  • Blue Dogs are recommended for families with children over 10 years old. These dogs usually need more training and might not be the best choice for first time dog owners.
  • Red Dogs are recommended for experienced dog homes only. These dogs usually need a job to keep their minds stimulated. Most red dogs are working dogs meaning they should take classes in agility, fly ball or herding. Ideally these dogs will go to breed specific homes that know exactly what they are getting.

Adoption Fee:

$300 - Typically, these dogs have been altered, de-wormed, and are current on vaccines. Most have been heartworm tested.

At Random Rescue's discretion, the fee may be less for select dogs (seniors, dogs with health issues, etc.).

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