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Random Rescue
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Boarding & Grooming

Random Rescue offers a home style boarding situation with a complimentary bath and nail clipping before the dogs go home.


Welcome to the Lodge at Random Rescue. Our boarding set up is our pride and joy! We provide a safe and comfortable kennel free atmosphere for both our boarding clients and rescue dogs. The Lodge is located right on our personal property so dogs have company both day and night. Random Rescue utilizes Sam's expertise on dog to dog communication to put together dog play groups and compatible living situations for the boarding dogs. Daily hiking, swimming, and playtime ensures that dogs are tired and happy throughout their stay. Large "doggie dorms" within the Lodge allow dogs home style living arrangements complete with furniture, dog beds, crates, and dog doors. The dog doors lead to our large fenced in yard which is employed full time by playful pups. If you need a safe place for your dog to vacation give our boarding program a try!

  • Standard Boarding: $35/day for up to 10 days
  • Boarding with Training: $45/day


  • Multiple Dogs: $60/day for two; $75/day for three; $90/day for four
  • Boarding over 10 days: 10% off total price
A dog lying in a dog bed A counter top with a sink for washing a dog


Since dogs have access to the ponds, hiking trails, and our yard, they manage to get themselves quite dirty! Before any dog goes to their home (whether from boarding with us or newly adopted) they receive a complimentary bath, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. We can work with dogs who are nervous or aggressive with nail clipping and help them through these issues. We can also transport dogs to a professional Groomer if that is preferable. For this option, the client would be financially responsible for the grooming, and a small extra charge would be added for the transport ($15 travel fee).

A dog sitting in a shower getting groomed A group of sitting dogs

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