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Random Rescue
(802) 433-5912 | Post Office Box 815 Williamstown, VT | USA

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Here’s what everyone else is saying about Random Rescue

“In our weekly outings, Sam has provided my dog an opportunity to meet a variety of other canines (large and small, young and old). My dog does not always have an easy going personality in her interactions with other dogs. Sam has been able to recognize what dogs would make a successful group for a hike and we have had some wonderful adventures.”

Jean G. from Middlesex, VT

“Sam currently boards my 30-lb. Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Muffin, who I have had since 12/28/00. As a matter of fact, Sam found Muffin for me, knowing what I was looking for. I am grateful for Sam's thorough knowledge of dog behavior for her to have made such a perfect choice for me.”

Ellen P. from So. Burlington, Vermont

“Both our dogs have boarded and trained with Random Rescue since they were puppies. Our dogs are a part of our family and we wouldn't trust them to just anyone. We were completely confident leaving our young dogs in Sam's care (and the care of her personal dog pack). Both our dogs clearly adore Sam and are excited and happy whenever they see her! We wholeheartedly recommend Sam and Random Rescue for dog boarding and training.”

Kim and Jamie R. from Jericho, Vermont

Meg the dog sailing

“I wanted to share with you this shot of Meg enjoying her first sail on Lake Champlain.  It's hard to believe this wonderful dog was out there without a home, and even more amazing that you found her for me!  She's everything I was looking for and has slid so easily into my life that it's as if she has always been there.  I can't thank you enough for bringing the two of us together.”

Betsy N. from Essex

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